Review Insta360 cameras

Are you wondering how you can get the best camera that can take high definition, 360-degree photos, and videos, and then live-stream their great experiences directly onto social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many more? Worry no more! We have the right answer for you in this article.  

An Insta360 camera is the best option to go for if you want a camera pushing the envelope of both accessibility and performance. This camera gives a great experience that can take everyone into memorable moments and destinations they’ve never imagined before. 

In this article, you’ll get a detailed description of Insta360 cameras covering their features and why they’re the best option compared to other cameras in the market 

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Insta360 EVO

Insta360 EVO is the best option if you aim to shoot several immersive videos. It is the most preferred camera since it can shoot both 180 and 360-degree videos. When appropriately used, Insta360 EVO can produce immersive videos for everyone’s desire. 


  • Made of high-quality material
  • 180- degrees VR
  • Produces clear photos
  • Record beauty of life as per everyone’s eyes
  • Features the panorama mode


  • The best option for taking daytime photos and videos
  • Records both 360 and 180-degree videos

Insta360 ONE X

Insta360 ONE X is the best option since it can shoot immersive 360-degree photos and videos. Other than this rival action camera features time-lapse modes and an ultra-slow motion. Also, with this camera, you can erase the unsightly selfie stick from the photos and videos. The slicker image stabilization is another thing that makes this camera the best option for everyone’s desires.  


  • Slow motion and time-lapse modes
  • FlowState stabilization
  • 4K 360-degrees videos at 50fps
  • 3K 360-degrees videos at 100fps
  • 5.7K 360-degrees videos at 30fps


  • Decent image quality
  • Great value
  • Superb image stabilization
  • HDR photos and videos
  • User-friendly app

Insta360 ONE

Insta360 ONE is a small and compact camera with the same weight as Nano. It features a FreeCapture mode that includes a hyper-lapse, going up to 8x speed. Also, it improves the quality of the images by making them appear brighter. Other than this, this camera improves shadow detail without making several adjustments in highlight detail. 


  • Freecast
  • Presence of the time lapse mode
  • Bullet time
  • Features two fisheye lenses
  • FlowState stabilization
  • 360-degrees capture

Insta360 Nano S

Insta360 Nano S is the best option for those who want to share a real-time and immersive view of their word. With this camera, you can capture everything around you. It facilitates recording in every direction and enhances an arrangement of the best captures in one frame. It is the most preferred for video chat, blowing up Instagram, and for live streaming. 


  • Improved real-time stabilization
  • 360-degrees live-streaming
  • Color options
  • Free capture


  • Super easy to use
  • Supports live stream and video chats
  • Allow you to capture everything around you

Insta360 Nano

Insta360 Nano is the best option if you want to shoot killer virtual reality videos. Also, with this camera, you can easily share your videos on different social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and many more. You can use it alone or use it with iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6S plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 plus.  


  • MicroSD slot 
  • Lightning connector
  • Dual 210-degree cameras
  • 3K, 30 fps


  • Easy to use
  • Can work alone or with iPhone
  • It is convenient

Insta360 Air

Insta360 Air is a portable and the most affordable 360 VR camera for taking fun 360-degree videos or photos.  It makes use of real-time stitching and allows instant streaming of the content. Other than this, this camera supports several social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.  


  • Real-time stitching
  • 3K photos and 2K videos
  • The best for android devices
  • Use phone memory
  • Uses phone battery


  • Ease to use
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • 3K resolution
  • 360-degree video live stream
  • Can also work as a desktop webcam

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